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We perform lease and pre-employment criminal background checks for hundreds of different companies. Make sure you know who you're hiring! Most background checks will be completed and returned to you within 24 hours.

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To submit a background check, you have three options:

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The following are the types of background searches we offer. if what you need isn’t listed here, please call us!

  • Criminal Background Results/State Police
  • Office of Foreign Asset Control Blocked Persons List (OFAC)
  • Office of Inspector General (OIG)
  • Sex Offender Registry Search
  • Motor Vehicle Driving Search
  • A.K.A.
  • County Civil Records Search (Upper Monetary Amt)
  • County Civil Records Search (Lower Monetary Amt)
  • Food and Drug Admin. Debarment
  • FDIC Banking Sanctions
  • Social Security Verification
  • Multi-State Court Search
  • Address/Phone Number Search
  • Civil Records Check
  • Excluded Parties Listing System (EPLS)
  • Nationwide Search
  • Federal Criminal
  • County Criminal Records Search (per county)
  • All County Statewide
  • Education Verification/Per School
  • All County Statewide (Non-Medical)
  • CNA Search
  • DSW Search
  • Receive Enumerated Offense Email Alert
  • System Award Management (SAM)
  • Louisiana Dept of Health Adverse Action List
  • Employment Verification (per employer)
  • Professional License Verification for LPN/RN
  • Federal Civil Records Search (per district)
  • US Gov.Terr. List